Mo Magic

Close Up/Walk Around
Here Mo Magic strolls amongst your guests, at tables or walk around, showing each of them special pieces of magic. Whether
he performs sleight of hand, takes their watches (and returns it naturally), bends the cutlery or reads their minds, your guests will
remember THIS as part of YOUR event. The magic happens under their noses, and in some cases in their own hands. This is a
personal experience and your guests will remember this memorable occasion for years.

Stand Up/Stage
Mo is available for an interactive stand up or stage show for larger audiences, where the audience watches attentively and some are
invited on stage to participate. This is an enlightening, enchanting and entertaining experience for both the participants and audience.
As a bonus, participants receive souvenirs for their assistance.

Combination of Close Up/Walk Around & Stand Up/Stage
In some cases, clients enjoy a combination of the above two shows. This is a unique and memorable treat for your guests.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions
Mo Magic has the ability to promote your brand, product or message by combining these into his show to attract potential clients and
astonish them whilst educating them about your product. Once he concludes the show, he hands over the crowd to your sales team
to provide more details. For corporates, trade shows and exhibitions, Mo offers a promotional giveaway option whereby each of your
clients/potential clients receive a magic trick on DVD with a performance and instructions, personalised with YOUR brand name and
your company contact details.

Mo Magic

Adrian Smith, who you have probably seen on TV, promises to leave you scratching your head in amazement. He specializes in both corporate and childrens magic for that extra special party. You will not be dissapointed as Adrian is the South African champion in children's entertainment, Gold Medal Winner 2008 - 2011 !!!!


Adrian the magician
kiddies magic show with Adrian the Magician